Version 1.3.0 released!

Hey folks, how are going? I’ve got some great news for you today, the version 1.3.0 of our world famous under-os project was just released!

There are two major new features and a few small fixes/updates

The New Extensions API

One of the goals of uOS is that I want an easily extensible system, so today I’m releasing the new, small but smarty-pantsy, one method API for extending UnderOS with your hot awesomeness. It looks like that

UOS.extend __FILE__

Yup. That’s it. Well, not really, but the idea is that whenever you write a plugin for UnderOS, you should call that method from your main file in the lib/ folder of your plugin. Once you’ve done that, UOS will automatically inject all your code and assets into the project.

UnderOS itself is actually built on top of this feature, check this out!

Touch Events Support

Another major change is that now we support the touchstart, touchend and touchmove events the same way they work in the browsers.

From the beginning UOS was shipped with the basic gesture recognitions mapping, so could easily watch for taps and swipes, but, in many cases you actually need the raw touch start/move/stop events. Now you have them!

find('#my-view').on :touchstart do |event|
  puts event.touches[0].pageX

It all looks pretty much like normal W3C events, so you can just start using them.

Fixes & Small Features

  • box-shadow and text-shadow CSS styles are now properly mapped to native properties and available to use in stylesheets.

  • The navbar object now has the enable_swipes, disable_swipes methods so you could control whether the user should be able to use the iOS7 swipes navigation or not (useful when you have drag-n-drop elements on a page).

  • The History#current_page method now returns the correct current page object in case of modal views being presented on top of it.

And that’s the whole list. Enjoy, build awesome stuff, stay cool!

– Nikolay

Published: February 25 2014

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