Version 1.1.0 is out

My dear fellow programmers, it is with a light heart i announce that the new version of our beloved under-os was just released.

It was rather quick, but this is how we’re going to roll them out, the shortest cycle possible, one feature at the time, no 6 months waiting period, as soon as we have it we ship it.

So, today’s realease brings us the HTTP stack. It was outlined before, but now we’ve finally filled the blanks in and it’s ready to rock. Generally it looks like that.

UOS::HTTP.get "" do |response|
  puts response.body

If you ever done any ajax (and who didn’t) then you’ll feel right at home, the deal is pretty much the same, you specify url and params and get a response in a callback. You can GET, POST, PUT and the rest of the stuff pretty much the usual way.

Plus we’ve got a bunch of useful tools to work with JSON, namely the JSON module

UOS::HTTP.get "/search.json?q=puppy" do |response|
  puts JSON.parse(response.body)

Or you can just say response.json, that will work too.

And finally you’ve got hooks to load images, which in case of native development might be a bit tricky, so we make it simpler for you

u('#my-image').load ""

Just like that.

Enjoy, and merry xmas to you all!

Published: December 26 2013

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