UnderOS (or shortly uOS) is a project that aims to build a web-browser like environment on top of RubyMotion so you could build native iOS apps while keeping your web-developer’s habbits.

iOS app in 10 minutes

Getting Started

Assuming you’ve got RubyMotion installed.

1) Install the under-os rubygem

gem install under-os

2) Generate a new project using the uos template

motion create test --template=uos

3) Now just go there and run it!

cd test && rake

Give Me Moar!

There are plenty of various examples at the under-os main repo

git clone https://github.com/under-os/under-os.git
cd under-os

See the app/ folder, it contains all the examples

Also, follow the news where we post screencasts, updates, docs, etc.


Please feel free to shoot me a message @nemshilov or @under_os

You also can post feature requests and issues on the GitHub issues list